Un-Official Goods

Ket: Mug – Ryeowook – Rp. 30.000

Ket: Brochure – Japan – Kpop Story – FREE from my friend ^^

Ket: Pencil case – Ryeowook – FREE – gift from my friend πŸ™‚

Ket: Pin Button Eunhyuk Rp. 7.500 sold with Rp. 5.000 – Ryeowook (left) FREE from Malaysia – Ryeowook (right) FREE from my friend πŸ™‚

Ket: Postcard – Taiwan – FREE from tingting ^^

Ket: SJ’s pillow – FREE – from my friend ELF philippine Marcel πŸ˜€

Ket: RyeowookA’s Towel – FREE – from RyeowookA’s main admin Joyce ^^ because i helped her at SS4INA πŸ™‚

Ket: Photocard – RyeowookA, TR With Ryeowook, Vigi, etc – Tingting gave me this all πŸ˜€ – FREE

ket: Banner!! – RyeowookA, Listen to KRY, TR with Ryeowook, etc – FREE – from my friend xD

Ket: Anan Magazine – FREE – belum tentu semua orang indo punya *sombong *digeplak* – From Mommy Chan ^^b

Ket: Photo set – 4R – FREE – from Mommy chan – Japan – Kpop Story

Ket: Pin button – Ryeowook Opera – FREE – from Mommy Chan ^^

Ket: baller (gelang) – FREE – from phillipine Joanne ^^~

Ket: LS – Ryeowook’s saturn – Rp. 135.000


P.S: NOT FOR SALE ^^ just sharing my collection with the price when i bought it kkkk~

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